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Diamond Blades

  • Brick/Masonry Diamond Blade
    Brick/Masonry Diamond Blade
    Our  Brick & Masonry cutting blades can be used wet or dry and feature our Matrix Max Technology for binding and infusing our diamonds into our segments to create a matrix that outlast and out performs leading...

  • Bridge Saw Diamond Blade
    Bridge Saw Diamond Blade
    Our Bridge Saw Blades can be used wet or dry and feature our Matrix Max Technologie for binding and infusing our diamonds into the blade to create a matrix that outlast and out performs leading competative brand of Diamond...

  • Concrete/Asphalt Diamond Blades
    Concrete/Asphalt Diamond Blades
    A little information goes a long way, as do our concrete blades. Whatever aggregate you are cutting, we have a to suir your needs. With our specially designed matrix, we can provide the longest blade life available. For...

  • Continuous Rim Diamond Blade
    Continuous Rim Diamond Blade
    Our Continuous Rim Blades are for wet use only and are premium quality blades made with a continuous, uninterrupted edge for the cleanest, smoothest cuts. Continuous rim blades are available for a variety of materials from...

  • Contour Diamond Blade
    Contour Diamond Blade
    Convex segmented blades designed for cutting curves. Makes quick work of sink cut outs and radii. Can be used Dry or Wet.

  • Crack Chaser Diamond Blade
    Crack Chaser Diamond Blade
    Specialy designed for widening cracks in concrete creating more surface area for a patch. Sepgments taper to a point for dry or wet use WHOLESALE PRICING: If you are an existing client, your online account may be...

  • Rodding Diamond Blade
    Diamond blades using a high quality matrix to cut grooves for support rods. Support rods, made from steel or fiberglass, are used to stregnthen potentially weak spots in stone.

  • Tuck Point Diamond Blade
    Thick flat edged segment allows for quick removal of mortar and grout from between bricks and tiles.

  • Turbo Diamond Blades
    Turbo Diamond Blades
    Premium quality, low cost turbo blades fit most common stone use power tools.  The highest quality diamond matrix & turbo edge provides fast cutting wet or dry on almost any hard stone, tile or building material...