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  • Chop Saw SDT-1410
    Chop Saw SDT-1410
    The SDT-1410 is a dry-cutting masonry chop saw designed for brick & block jobs. The saw can be outfitted with an optional wet kit Including ABS Tray, Pump and Tubing. Stand is Included. Large Cutting...

  • Cardi - Hand Helds
    Cardi - Hand Helds
    The ultimate in portability coredrilling. The most powerful hand-helds on the market. Available in one speed (940 rpm), two speed (2150/1180) and three speed (2580/1860/770 rpm) models.   Also available in a "D"...

  • Cardi - Four Speed T9-450
    Cardi - Four Speed T9-450
    The most powerful drilling system on the market. Only 33 pounds the T9 drill motor packs a powerful punch in 4 speeds for maximum productivity for large diameters and deep hole drilling. Gear 1 - 300rpm  Gear 2...

  • DS-45 Gas Powered Portable Core Drill
    DS-45 Gas Powered Portable Core Drill
    The DS-45 is the newest generation of portable drill  rigs. Weight is only 24 pounds and the clutch delivers safe and easy one person operation. Ideal For: Asphalt road sampling Rock and concrete anchor...