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  • Yellobarz - Exclusive DSI Product
    Yellobarz - Exclusive DSI Product
    FLAT SAW SLEEVES Non conductive and ergonomically easier to use than bare metal. Handle sleeves fit snugly to any 1" bar handle.   WALL SAW CRANK KIT Made from non condcutive and lightweight material makes cranking a...

  • JackVac 360 Dust Free Saw
    JackVac 360 Dust Free Saw
    The JackVac 360 Masonry Chop Saw with built in dust collection vacuum lets you cut brick, stone, pavers and much more right where you work inside or out while maintaining a safe dust free work enviroment. The patent pending...

  • Feather Core
    Feather Core
    Less weight for the operator   Less strain on the equipment   More usable horsepower from the equipment   Release core jam by removing Nylon back plate   Business Accounts & Wholsale...

  • Ductile Iron Blade
    Ductile Iron Blade
    Ductile Iron Blade - with "WEAR GRIT" coating This specially formulated diamond blade far outperforms conventional abrasives for cutting of ductile iron pipe. The steel blank is also coated with an exclusive carbide "wear...